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Tina Leme Scott

Tina has been working in the photography industry since 1985, as a photographer, a picture editor, curator, photo and multimedia exhibitions producer, as organizer and administrator of photography collections and as a photography and visual perception teacher.

Graduated in Journalism at PUC-SP and post-graduated in Art and Human Development by Faculdade Messiânica, she attended photography and image editing courses at Senac, in São Paulo, and at the London School of Communications, at Greenwich College, at Photofusion and at the Publishing Training Center, London.

Tina worked as a photojournalist in São Paulo in the 1980s and 1990s, collaborating for the newspapers O Estado de São Paulo, the extinct Jornal da Tarde, Folha de S.Paulo, the publications of Abril, Globo and Bloch Editors, and the British newspaper The Guardian. Tina also built her career in the third sector as a photographer, picture editor, photography teacher, project coordinator, fundraiser and administrator, both in Brazil and in the UK.

From 1989 to 1991, she lived in the Amazon, developing photography teaching projects (participatory photography) for the youths assisted by the NGO Projeto Saúde e Alegria, as well as collaborating with photo reportages for Agencia Estado and conducting personal photo documentation projects of the Amazon region which were published in vehicles in Brazil, Argentina, the United States and in the UK. She contributed to a Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute’s scientific expedition.

From 1996 to 2009 Tina lived in England, where she was a correspondent photographer for the extinct Revista Manchete and worked as a picture editor, administrator and organizer of the NGO CAFOD´s photographic archive and as an administrator of NGO AbleChildAfrica.

Tina is the author of the photo documentary Brazilian Amazon, which was presented in lectures at schools, universities and cultural centers in Brazil and in the UK.

Back in Brazil in 2009, she set up a photo studio for e-commerce products in São Paulo. She also worked as a picture editor and a photographer for the Time Out SP magazine and as exhibitions producer for DOC Gallery, the Nikon Gallery and for three editions of the anual photo festival Mostra SP de Fotografia. She then became the curator and organizer of the multimedia and photojournalism exhibitions of the Casa Pública in Rio de Janeiro – the cultural branch of the Agência Pública of independent journalism. At Agência Pública she worked as a special projects manager and a fundraiser.

She has been teaching photography since 1989. She taught at the Cultural Workshops sponsored by the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo and running workshops on photography and visual perception in schools, NGOs, museums, universities and art centers in Brazil and in England.

Tina has been a volunteer for NGOs in the field of photography and project coordination since the 1980s. In Brazil, she contributed to the Comissão Pró-Índio de SP, Projeto Saúde e Alegria, Projeto Mulheres de Parelheiros, Agents of Socio-Environmental Transformation. In England, she volunteered at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International, the British Refugee Center – Day Center and Way Widowed & Young.

On her current activities, Tina teaches photography courses and workshops, organizes photo and multimedia exhibitions and develops her authorial photography. She coordinates a photo teaching project in state schools in São Paulo for the NGO Partners of the Americas – Chapter SP. At the Culture and Art Sector of the Mokiti Okada Foundation – MOA, among with fellow volunteers, she curates and produces exhibitions of important Brazilian artists and photographers at their Cultural Center. At FMO, she also teaches the course Perception Through Photography, as well as photo workshops. The photographer is a member of the women’s visual artists collective 1MULHERporM2 (1 WOMAN per SQ METER) and is affiliated with the Network of Cultural Producers of Photography in Brazil – RPCFB.

Exhibitions and events

On www.1mulherporm2.comPontos de Fuga, pioneering exhibition using the game technique.

2020 – 2021 Exhibition Pontos de Fuga, Collective 1MULHERporM2

2021 Events

  • Speaker at the XII International Colloquium on Gender Inequality at the University of Guadalajara.
  • 2021 Exhibition Amanhã Serei Raiz, Collective 1MULHERporM2

    • May/August – Unibes Cultural – São Paulo
    • October 2020 – Metrô-SP – Linha da Cultura, Biblioteca Neli Siqueira;
    • December 2020/May 2021 – Metrô-SP – Estação Clínicas – São Paulo
    • March 2021 – Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiacaba – on show

    2019-2020 Itinerant collective exhibition 1MULHERporM2 (A Woman Per Square Meter);

    • March 2019 – espaco opHcina, Sao Paulo;
    • July/Augus 2019t – Espaco Indigo ARTE, Braganca Paulista – SP;
    • August/September 2019 – Pinacoteca de Sorocaba – SP;
    • December 2019/January 2020 – Centro Educacional Adamastor, Guarulhos – SP;
    • March 2020 – Casa de Vidro/Museu da Cidade, Campinas – SP.

    2017 to present Lecturer about her research, Female Lens, which shows the scientific discoveries and work done by women throughout the history of photography.

    2016 Mediator of the talk Conversa Pública Photojournalism: the experience behind the lens. Participation of the great names of photojournalism in Rio de Janeiro, with Ana Carolina Fernandes, Carlos junior, Luiz Baltar and Kátia Carvalho.

    1996 – 1998 Itinerant solo exhibition Amazon Pure Instinct, about the life of riverbank communities in the Amazon, exhibited at:  

    • The Brewery Arts Center, Kendal, UK;
    • The Canning House, during an event of the Brazilian Embassy in UK, London;
    • Gallery 1885 at The Camera Club, London, UK;

    The exhibitions included the “Meeting the Photographer”, with lecture and exhibition of the photographer´s  photo documentary Brazilian Amazon, which was also exhibited in cultural centers and schools in the UK.

    1993 –1995 Itinerant solo exhibition Amazonia Puro Instinto, about the life of riverbank communities in the Amazon, exhibited at:

    • Consolacao subway metro station, Sao Paulo;
    • Centro Cultural de Jaguariúna – SP;
    • Sao Francisco University, Braganca Paulista – SP;
    • Santa Catarina University, Florianópolis – SP.

    The exhibitions included the “Meeting with the Photographer”, with a lecture and exhibition of the photographic documentary Brazilian Amazon, which was also exhibited in cultural centers and schools in several cities of the state of Sao Paulo.


    • Collective photo exhibition Amazônia Cabocla at Flamengo Park during the World Summit for the Environment – ECO-92;
    • Collective photo exhibition The Unveiling of the Century of Life with the photographs produced in the Amazon, exhibited at the Museu Nacional – RJ, travelling to the cities of Curitiba and Manaus, and the cities of Boston, Geneva, Moscow, Oslo and Hiroshima. Curated and organized by Soka Gakkai International.

    1991 – 1998 Brazilian Amazon, photographic documentary by the photographer exhibited along with a lecture about the Amazon in schools, universities and cultural centers in Brazil and England.

    1989 Solo exhibition Sao Paulo in Photos – Casa de Cultura, Braganca Paulista – SP.

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